White Jade
Gua Sha & Storage Pouch


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Please note:
Due to natural variations in stone, every hand-carved gua sha is unique in colour and pattern. The crystals we use are authentic and natural.

Gua Sha has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine and translates to mean ‘stroking’. Gua Sha stimulates the lymphatic system and helps your skin heal itself by releasing unhealthy bodily matter from blood stasis within sore, tired, stiff or injured muscle areas to stimulate new oxygenated blood flow, thus promoting metabolic cell repair, regeneration, healing and recovery.

Jade is a beautiful gemstone used in Ancient China, dating back to 6000 BCE, with White being the most highly praised and most prized type of Jade in China. White Jade was thought to be a symbol of heaven and, as part of the Six Ritual Jades, represented the sky.

White Jade remains cool to the touch but is smoother and more ‘slippery’ than the Green variety. White Jade is calming, grounding, and brings peace, harmony, and luck. It assists the body to remove toxins and heal itself – it is especially helpful with fluid retention and ridding the skin of a puffy appearance (goodbye, under-eye bags!)

Perfect for using with your JSL skincare, our Gua Sha can increase the effectiveness of JSL’s skincare products by massaging the skin and delivering actives from your products into the deeper skin layers for increased absorption and effectiveness. Gua Sha facials act as a natural facelift, promoting collagen production, firming facial skin, smoothing facial skin, reducing wrinkles, removing clogged pores and clearing acne resulting in lifted, brighter and improved skin tone.

Great for the whole body, our Gua Sha is hand-crafted from 100% natural White Jade and has a unique comb edge designed to break up bound fascia while the smooth edges hug the curves of your face and neck to help improve the complexion.

✔️DO cleanse hands, face and stone before use.
✔️DO apply 5-10 drops of FACIAL oil (not just any oil) to face first.
✔️DO warm stone up in hands before use.
✔️DO keep elbows up at all times.
✔️DO anchor the skin with your free hand (to prevent skin dragging).
✔️DO open the neck area first (this opens the lymph nodes in the neck to allow for drainage).
✔️DO repeat the same motion at least 3 times.

❌DON’T use the stone at a 90 degree angle. Instead, use at an acute angle (somewhere between 15 and 45 degrees).
❌DON’T apply a firm pressure. Instead apply a light to medium pressure.
❌DON’T push the skin. Always pull the skin.
❌DON’T use a downwards motion. Always upwards and outwards.
❌DON’T move too fast. A nice slow motion will encourage drainage better and provide a more relaxing experience.
❌DON’T use on broken skin, cystic acne, pustules or open lesions.
❌DON’T put your Gua Sha away in it’s storage pouch without cleansing it first. ALWAYS cleanse before and after use.

Please note:
1. Those suffering from irritated or broken skin should avoid gua sha treatments. People who take blood thinners, people who bleed easily, and those recovering from surgery should also abstain.
2. The neck has delicate arteries and veins. Be sure to not press too hard on these parts of the body with gua sha tools.
3. Stay on flesh and muscle, do not scrape over the spine or boney areas.


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Gua Sha & Storage Pouch”