Luxury Satin Hair Scrunchie


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Banish breakage, pulling and frizz with JSL Essential’s super soft Luxury Satin Hair Scrunchie. Satin causes a lot less friction than cotton material, preventing your hair from breakage and creases and keeping your hair up without crimping or snapping your hair.

If you’re a curly girl that likes their hair tied during sleep, our Satin Scrunchie is the saviour your strands need! Curls need to be handled with a lot of TLC – standard hair ties can pull on curls, causing breakage and tangles. The soft and smooth material of JSL’s Satin Scrunchies easily glides over strands without disturbing your natural curl pattern.

  • Handmade in the Garden of England
  • 100% Satin Polyester (Satin is a vegan alternative to silk)

Small Dimensions:
Diameter: 4.5”
Elastic: 3”- 9” Stretched
Thickness: 1.5”
Wraps: 2-3 times around hair

Large Dimensions:
Diameter: 6″
Elastic: 3″- 9″ Stretched
Thickness: 2″
Wraps: 2-3 times around hair

Care Instructions:
Hand wash your Satin Scrunchies separately in COLD water with a chemical-free detergent. Avoid squeezing the Satin fabric after washing (this will reduce its original shape and size) – instead, lay flat on a towel to dry.


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