Microfibre Hair Towel
JSL Bloom

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JSL Essential’s Microfibre Hair Towel is a wet-hair game changer! Designed to resist breakage and fly-aways, thanks to its super-soft, microfibre fabric.

Luxurious to touch and sporting a beautiful floral design on one side with a plain white on the other, the JSL Bloom helps to rapidly absorb moisture, in turn speeding up drying time and helping to minimise static.

Drying your hair is a necessity, but doing it with a regular towel will cause frizz and over time, damage, especially because your hair is at its weakest when wet.

Made to suit all hair types and lengths, JSL’s Microfibre Hair Towel is quick drying, resulting in less time blow drying – which means a lower risk of heat damage.

1 review for Microfibre Hair Towel
JSL Bloom

  1. nickswife68 Verified Owner

    I just love this you should make moe different designs

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